Update on Tarzan and Jane

I was at the store yesterday
and I ran into Tarzan!
I asked him how it was going
and if he was making anymore movies.
Update: Tarzan

He told me,
"me no longer make movies,
me have severe arthritis,
both shoulders and not swing from vine to tree".
Update: Tarzan

I asked how Jane was doing?
He told me, "Jane in bad shape, in nursing home,
has Alzheimer's and not recognizes anyone".
How sad!
Update: Tarzan

I asked about Boy,
and he told me
"Boy, gone big city, get with bad women, on drugs and alcoholic;
and only time hear from him, when in trouble or need something".
Update: Tarzan

I asked about Cheeta:
he beamed and said, "Cheeta do good.
She marry lawyer, had plastic surgery,
now live in White House!!!
Update: Tarzan

Update: Tarzan

Update: Tarzan
I know, something bad is going to happen to me!!!!!!!!!!

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