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A Granny Goes A Visiting


Would You Deny This 94 Year Old Mexican Grandma the Right to Visit Family in Arizona?

And here you have an industrious Mexican national, just simply on her way to visit her friends and relatives across the International border in Arizona, all the while passing through the port of entry at Nogales, Arizona - probably daily.

A granny goes a visiting

After all, she's 94 years old, so what harm could this poor innocent little Mexican Grandma do! Well I'll be dipped!!!

A granny goes a visiting

What's all that padded stuff affixed to her body, underneath her dress? Could it be?? Nooooo way.

A granny goes a visiting

Well, after the dress was removed, loooookeeee what we have here Grandma!!

Why it's 10.45 pounds of marijuana strapped to her body.

A granny goes a visiting

Can we blame her, after all, she's probably just supplementing her United States Social Security check she picks up monthly at her P.O. box on the American side.

A granny goes a visiting

And one can't help but wonder how many of these trips has she already made across the border, toting 10 1/2 pounds of marijuana daily.

A granny goes a visiting

Looks like she will be getting a new retirement home :(

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