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A New Tax To Balance The Budget?


We could balance the Federal Budget if we taxed sex.

Everyone would pay their fair share

Young people would pay more taxes and your tax liability would decrease as you got older.

The tax would also promote family values.
How would you like to come home to your wife and have her ask,
"Honey, why is your tax bill larger than mine?"

Or be a teenager and come home to find your dad with your tax bill in his hand.

We wouldn't have to pay people to work for the IRS, they would be paying to work there just so they could review peoples returns.

Locker room conversations would change.
"Get a load of this Hollywood tax bill!"

The forms would change a little also.
We would now have a 1040Quickee.

And it would give a whole new meaning to the phrase,
"Substantial penalty for early withdrawal"

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