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A Woman Goes Shopping In Big W


A woman goes into Big W to buy a rod and reel for her grandson's birthday.She doesn't know which one to get, so she just grabs one and goes over to the counter.The Big W salesman is standing there, wearing dark glasses. She says, "Excuse me. Can you tell me anything about this rod and reel"?

He says, "Madam, I'm completely blind; but, if you'll drop it on the counter, I can tell you everything you need to know about it from the sound it makes".

She doesn't believe him but drops it on the counter anyway.

He says, "That's a two meter Shakespeare graphite rod with a Zebco 404 reel and 5-kg.Test line. It's a good all around combination, and it's on sale this week for $44".

She says, "It's amazing that you can tell all that just by the sound of it dropping on the counter. I'll take it"! As she opens her purse, her credit card drops on the floor.

"Oh, that sounds like a Visa card", he says.As the lady bends down to pick up the card, she accidentally passes wind.At first she is really embarrassed but then realizes there is no way the blind salesman could tell it was her that passed wind and so acts as if nothing had happened.

The man rings up the sale and says, "That'll be $58.50 please".

The woman is totally confused by this and asks, "Didn't you tell me it was on sale for $44. How did you get to $58.50"?

Well madam "The Duck Caller is $11 and the Fish Bait is $3.50".

Quotes for Today:

O' wad some god the gif tae gi us, tae see ourselves as others see us

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Build your own satellite and have it launched into Space.

AmbaSat-1 is a tiny Space satellite kit that you launch yourself

The idea is to die young as late as possible

Don't worry about old age, it doesn't last that long.

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