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Brotherly Love On The Golf Course


Two brothers were playing a game of golf and were all square on the 18th. The first brother sliced his shot off to the left, and the ball came to rest on the cart path. His brother smashed it straight down the middle.

"Oh well," said the first brother, "at least I get a drop off the cart path."

"Hell no," said the other brother, "we play the ball as it lies."

"OK," said the first brother, as he dropped his brother off in the middle of the fairway.

The second brother found the green, and could not resist smiling as he saw sparks coming off the cart path for the practice swings. Finally the brother hitting off the cart path addressed his ball and swung it well, leaving a miraculous shot 3 feet from the pin.

Upon returning, the brother in the middle of the fairway commented, "I've gotta hand to you bro...that was a great shot.... what club did you use???"

His brother grins and says, "Your six iron!".

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