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Ebay Removes Harrier Jump Jet...


... over weapons ban (the funny side of real life)
A decommissioned Harrier jump jet has been removed from online auction website eBay after officials said it contravened their weapons sales policy.

The outer shell of the rare two-seater T2 Harrier, a former museum exhibit, was restored by Bradford company Jet Art Aviation.

Company director Chris Wilson said the jet could not be flown and was being sold for display use only.
Harrier jump jet -Joke of the day

eBay said the item had received 140,000 hits and 80 bids of up to £94,000.

Mr Wilson, 33, of Leeds, said he had sold seven Harriers in the past to museums and collectors abroad and has all the necessary licences.

The jet was stripped of all its equipment and weaponry before it left the RAF, he said.

He added: "This is an obsolete item, just a museum exhibit.

"It's a perfectly legitimate item to sell. It's not capable of 'delivering weapons', it's not even capable of delivering a pizza.

"This is a piece of aviation heritage which needs to be preserved, and we need to be allowed to restore and sell it."

The Harrier, built in 1971, is one of only four of its kind left in the world.

An eBay spokesman said: "We have strict policies in regards to the sale of military weaponry, meaning the jet should not have been listed for sale.

"We would like to apologise to the seller concerned for the inconvenience this has caused him."

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