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Have You Tried This At Home?


Henry on the tolet reading a book
A little three year old boy is sitting on the toilet.

His mother thinks he has been in there way too long, so she goes in to see if there is a problem.

Her little darling is sitting engrossed in a comic on the toilet. About every 10 seconds or so Henry puts the book down, grips onto the toilet seat with his left hand and hits himself on top of the head with his right hand.

His mother says: "Henry, are you all right, you've been in here for quite a while"?

Henry says: "I'm fine, Mummy... I just haven't finished yet".

Hi mother says: "OK, you can stay here a few more minutes, but, Henry, why are you hitting yourself on the head"?

Henry says: "it works for tomato ketchup"!

Contributor: Howard

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