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How To Sell Watermelons


I went to my local market today and saw a sign that said: "ONE WATERMELON FOR $3 OR THREE FOR $10"

Instead of telling the guy behind the stall how stupid he was I decided to show him.

So I walked up to him and asked: "Can I buy a watermelon please?"

"Yes sir, that'll be three dollars."

I handed over the money and asked: "Actually, can I have another one please?"

"No problem sir, that's another three dollars."

"Can I have one more?"

"Certainly sir, three more dollars please."

Smirking I said: "I've just bought three watermelons for nine dollars but on your sign it says ten. Don't you realise how stupid you are?"

"That happens a lot," he chuckled, "until I point out that you just bought three watermelons instead of one."

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