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Call to Prayer

I recently returned from a trip to the Middle East.

It was an experience I will long remember. I had expected to find nomads living in the middle ages. Instead I found the area to be firmly in the twentieth century. I remember most the faithful Muslims being called to come to prayer.

They now use microphones. They have become ... Mecca-nized.

The Lecture
A Chinese scholar was lecturing when all the lights in the auditorium went out. He asked members of the audience to raise their hands. As soon as they had all complied, the lights went on again. He then said, "Prove wisdom of Old Chinese saying...

"Many hands make light work."

The Friend
I remember my cousin‘s friend, Julia We called her "Ju". Ju had an annoying friend who kept on referring to himself as her cousin, and when he was invited to parties he would make a fool of himself. On two occaisons had to be kicked out of the party. So the really cool thing about her was not only was she a good listener, but...

she was the only Ju in history to have their false kin removed twice.

The Indian Chief
Iroquios Chief Smallfellow died in battle. During the night, one of "Shorty's" wives snuck his body out of the camp and had a very private burial under a Joshua tree out on the prairie. She then made her son a dinner of Chinese noodles. He ate them on top of a carved tree depicting the history of his father. It was said that this was the first time anyone ever heard of...

Lo Mein on a totem pole.

The Mafia
A Mafia underboss was sending one of his men out to run an errand for the Godfather. He was to make a pickup at Al Weiss the tailor's establishment. To make sure the hood understood, he was asked to repeat the instructions. "OK, boss, its...

Al Weiss, dark vest, be for the Don"!

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One criminal who was accused of several murders and robbery was sentenced to death by the judge of the court. It was decided that the criminal will be shot in front of a firing squad on a particular day.

On that very day, the weather was very foul. It rained cats and dogs.

There was no sufficient light to see anything clearly. But duty is duty so the captain of the squad along with his five soldiers took the criminal and started walking to the spot.

On the way the criminal told the Captain, "See,what a weather! I am not afraid of death, but this day is not suitable for dying. What do you think?"

"Truly, the weather is very foul", the Captain replied, "But you are fortunate as you are only going, just think of our condition, we have to go back!".

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King Frederick Ii Visit To A Jail

Consider the case of Frederick II, an 18th-century king of Prussia. Frederick fancied himself an enlightened monarch, and
in some respects he was. On one occasion, he is supposed to have interested himself in the conditions of a Berlin prison. He was escorted through it so that he might speak to the prisoners.

One after the other, the prisoners fell to their knees before him, bewailing their lot and, predictably, protesting their utter innocence of all charges that had been brought against them.

Only one prisoner remained silent, and finally Frederick's curiosity was aroused.

"You," he called. "You, there!"

The prisoner looked up. "Yes, your majesty?"

"Why are you here?"

"Armed robbery, your majesty."

"And are you guilty?"

"Entirely guilty, your majesty. I richly deserve my punishment."

At this Frederick rapped his cane sharply on the ground and said, "Warden, release this guilty wretch at once. I will not have him here in jail where by example he will corrupt all the splendid innocent people who occupy it."

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The Shy Welsh Village Lad

A shy Welsh village man, Elwyn, noticed that a beautiful girl had moved in next door. But Elwyn was shy so every time he saw her in the garden or in the street he couldn't think of what to say, so he would say 'good morning miss' or 'good afternoon miss' and hurry off about his business.

He talked to his friend in the bar. "Jones", he said, "a beautiful girl lives next door to me, but I don't know how to chat girls up, I've never done it before".

Jones said, "All you have to do is say to her 'good morning miss. I's a beautiful day isn't it? What beautiful flowers in your garden. That will get the conversation going".

Elwyn practiced this in front of a mirror for a few days. Then one night at the local pub he saw her. Elwyn stood near the bar trying to pluck up the courage to go and talk to her. He was nearly ready when the girl got up and went to the washroom.

This is it, thought Elwyn, its now or never. So he stood outside the washroom and waited. She was ever such a long time that poor Elwyn was starting to lose his nerve. He was just about to walk away when the girl came out. There she was, right in front of him looking beautiful.

Elwyn said, "Erm, erm g-good evening, miss".

She said, "Good evening".

He continued, "It's a b-beautiful day isn't it"?

"Yes", she said, "it is a splendid day".

Encouraged he went on. "I'm your neighbor, and I must tell you you have a lovely garden".

She smiled, "Thank you. I think so, too".

Stuck for something else to talk about, Elwyn stammered, "Erm, erm, err, ah, you've just had a shit, have you"?

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Ther Retired Gynecologist Switches Careers and Becomes Acar Mechanic

A gynecologist was getting tired of his job and decided to switch careers.

He'd always enjoyed tinkering with engines, so he enrolled in a school for car mechanics. When the class ended, the students were given their final exam: strip a car engine completely and reassemble it in perfect working order.

The gynecologist did his best - and was amazed to find he scored 150%. "How could that be" he asked?

"Well," said the instructor, "I gave you 50% for taking the engine apart. Next, I gave you 50% for reassembling it - a really fantastic job. And then I gave you a 50% bonus for doing it all through the exhaust pipe".

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Good News and Bad News from the Airline Pilot About a Hijacker

Airline pilot to passengers: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we have a hijacker on board.

The good news is, he wants to go to the French Riviera".

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Might As Well

Last summer, when the power mower was broken and wouldn't run, I kept hinting to my husband that he ought to get it fixed, but somehow the message never sunk in.

Finally I thought of a clever way to make the point. When my husband arrived home that day, he found me seated in the tall grass, busily snipping away with a tiny pair of sewing scissors. He watched silently for a short time, then went into the house. He was gone only a few moments, and when he came out again he handed me a toothbrush.

"When you finish cutting the grass," he said, "you might as well sweep the sidewalks.

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Searching For a Missing Cia Agent in Ireland

The CIA loses track of one of its operatives, and so calls in one of their top spy hunters.

The CIA boss says, "All I can tell you is that his name is Murphy and that he's somewhere in Ireland. If you think you've located him, tell him the code words, 'The weather forecast calls for mist in the morning'. If it's really him, he'll answer, 'Yes and for mist at noon as well'".

So the spy hunter goes to Ireland and stops in a bar in one of the small towns. He says to the bartender, "Maybe you can help me. I'm looking for a guy named Murphy".

The bartender replies, "You're going to have to be more specific because, around here, there are lots of guys named Murphy. There's Murphy the Baker, who runs the pastry shop on the next block. There's Murphy the Banker, who's president of our local savings bank. There's Murphy the Blacksmith, who works at the stables. And, as a matter of fact, my name is Murphy, too".

Hearing this, the spy hunter figures he might as well try the code words on the bartender, so he says, "The weather forecast calls for mist in the morning".

The bartender replies, "Oh, you're looking for Murphy the Spy. You can't miss him. He lives right down the street, third on the left".

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Hospital Patient

A sweet grandmother telephoned Wigan Infirmary.

She timidly asked, "Is it possible to speak to someone who can tell me how a patient is doing"?

The operator said "I'll be glad to help, Dear. What's the name and room number"?

The grandmother in her weak tremulous voice said, "Janice Flynn, Room 302".

The Operator replied, "Let me check. Oh, good news. Her records say that Janice is doing very well. Her blood pressure is fine; her blood work just came back as normal and her physician, Dr. Cohen, has scheduled her to be discharged Tuesday".

The Grandmother said, "Thank you. That's wonderful! I was so worried! God bless you for the good news".

The operator replied, "You're more than welcome. Is Janice your daughter"?

The Grandmother said, "No, I'm Janice Flynn from Room 302 No one tells me f**k all...

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Sadist, Masochist, Murderer...

A sadist, a masochist, a murderer, a necrophile, a zoophile and a pyromaniac are all sitting on a bench in a mental institution, bored out of their minds.

"How about having sex with a cat?" asked the zoophile.

"Let's have sex with the cat and then torture it," says the sadist.

"Let's have sex with the cat, torture it and then kill it," shouted the murderer.

"Let's have sex with the cat, torture it, kill it and then have sex with it again," said the necrophile.

"Let's have sex with the cat, torture it, kill it, have sex with it again and then burn it," said the pyromaniac.

Silence took over... and the masochist says: "Meow."

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