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Little Johnny In Class Learning About The Alphabet


One day in class the teacher was teaching the kids about the alphabet and asked the class about the letter "R" knowing little Johnnys habbit of turning everything into something dirty..

Surely there's no way he can turn this into something dirty, she thought.. There are no dirty words that begin with the letter R..

So she asks the class to come up with words that begin with R..

Little Suzie raises her hand and says.."Range starts with R." and the teacher says.. "Very good Suzie..

And then little Billy raises his hand and says.. "Rodeo starts with the letter R.."

"Very good Billy.." The teacher says..

All the while little Johnny has been sitting in the back of the class room practically jumping out of his seat and flailing his hand in the air..

Finally the teacher figures it's safe to call on him because of the words that begin with R..

"Ok Johnny.." Says the teacher.. "Give me a word beginning with the letter R".

Little Johnny jumps up and says.. "Rats.." "Great big huge fuckin rats about this goddamn long.."

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I'm happy to report that it has been a couple of weeks since I had a cigarette and my desire to kill people is beginning to fade. Of course writing this has created an urge for a smoke...

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