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100 dollar question

2012 world cannot end because

21st century parents award scheme

a band to blow you away

a beautiful message about growing old

a birthday reminder

a bottomless pit

a brand new small car for women

a brazillian wax job ouch

a burger with cheese please

a cat named jesus

a cat named lucky

a cat scan

a cigarette shortens your life by

a desert love story

a dogs dilemma

a fathers advice to his son

a flat chested young lady went to dr smith

a friends empathy

a good reason to drink and not drive

a gorilla chimp and a monkey under a cocunut tree

a granny goes a visiting

a gynecologists hand after thirty years service

a john cleese message to all usa citizens

a land you will never forget

a letter to god

a letter to my loving husband

a lot of weight and super heavy

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Build your own satellite and have it launched into Space.

AmbaSat-1 is a tiny Space satellite kit that you launch yourself

The idea is to die young as late as possible

Don't worry about old age, it doesn't last that long.

Every now and then I throw in one of those typos to see who's paying attention :-)

Give me the grace to see a joke, to get some humor out of life and smiling it on to other folk.

Have a great Day and Laugh, "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many".

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