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Really Funny Pictures

Jokes with Pictures: 1045

100 dollar question

2012 world cannot end because

21st century parents award scheme

a band to blow you away

a beautiful message about growing old

a birthday reminder

a bottomless pit

a brand new small car for women

a brazillian wax job ouch

a burger with cheese please

a cat named jesus

a cat named lucky

a cat scan

a cigarette shortens your life by

a desert love story

a dogs dilemma

a fathers advice to his son

a flat chested young lady went to dr smith

a friends empathy

a good reason to drink and not drive

a gorilla chimp and a monkey under a cocunut tree

a granny goes a visiting

a gynecologists hand after thirty years service

a john cleese message to all usa citizens

a land you will never forget

a letter to god

a letter to my loving husband

a lot of weight and super heavy

a must to try in the park

a new ending for an old fairy tale

a new twist to a current situation

a nice daddy

a novel way to exercise your pet

a pantyhose riddle

a pensioners life

a riddle

a sign that you are getting old

a talking parrot on an aeroplane

a teachers quandary

a thong for pensioners

a time to think outside the box

a time when grammar is really important

a tribute to a master

a truly touching story

a truly amazing and heroic story

a two fingered iphone case

a very good vitamin c source

a viagra advert that should get first prize

a woman scorned

a woman writes to the it technical support guy

adam was created first

admit it this would scare the

advantages of being colour blind

advertisement for durex

advice from doctor vs internet

advice to teenagers

after a night out on the town

after the enlightenment

after the nympho leaves

airshow disaster

airspace violation protocol

albert einstein profound logic 001

alcohol does not make you fat

alcohol is just water

alcohol is not the answer

alice smithss first dental appointment

all i want for christmas

always check the label

always check your childs homework

always practise safe sex

amazing computer geek

amusing toilet signs

an arab student sends email to his dad

an archeological teamss recent discovery in washington dc

an eggplant

an evolution of bank holdups

an iphone that does not need batteries

an ironic porcupine fable

ancient vegetarian etymology

anger control

angry birds vs singing birds

annual meeting of women drivers

another crude one about a fat lady and her elvis tattoo

another female unsolved mystery

another from technical support

another name for breakfast

another one for the nerds

another problem caused by deforestation

another welcome home

apparently she knows you

are you scared of the dark

are you too young to have noticed these changes

are your friends like knickers

arguing on the internet

arguing on the internet ver 002

as i mature

at first i am shy and then

att reception and another satisfied customer

aussie housewife slipped in the bathroom

australian letter of the year

awkward moment of the day

back to school

bag lady on the bus

ballmer peak

bathroom height measurement

be careful when making a wish

be careful with superglue

be thankful very thankful

beach surfer

beatles and their beer drinkers song

beauty lies in the eyes of beer holder

bedtime negotiations went better than expected

beer glasses

before and after marriage

best advice for today

best android feature to beat iphone

best breakfast for lawyers

best computer seating position

best gym advert ever

best gym advert of all time

best menopause question ever

best number plate ever

best pub notice board ever

best tattoo in the world

best troll line ever

best venn diagram ever

best way to think outside the box

bet you cannot say these colors

better than robbing a bank

beware crude but funny

beware of bloody cloud computing

beware of google maps

beware of predictive text

beware of the social network evolution

beware sign of our times

beware tech support do not put you on hold

bicycle organ donors

big game warning from mozambique

big mac index

big strong man wanted

biggest difference between music and porn

biggest lies and porky pies

bike lock fails

biker chick living the dream

bikes can do some amazing stuff

bikini vs underwear

bill just bought azerbaijan

billy connolly quotations

billy connollys 14 things i hate about everybody

billy connollys chain letter

billy connollys desiderata excerpt from his book

bingo walker duel

black woman with one white boob and one black boob

blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt

blue bird of happiness

blue screen of death

boneless chicken only 35 cents

boob job for a man

books read by teenagers

boys vs girls room

bran muffins

breakfast alternative

breaking news presidential ticket announcement

breast feeding it rocks

breasts or legs

british weather

browser comparison with different modes of transport

budda profound logic 003

budda profund logic 001

bulletin board addiction

bulletin board ideas

calm down bro

can you answer this question

can you identify the facial expressions of these women

can you remember when you were young

can you spot this interesting observation

can you wait three months

cant miss pick up lines

cannot swipe like an iphone

captains log

caption contest

cartoons of life

cat and mouse

catholic parrots

ceiling mural in smokers lounge

changing times

chasing pussy update

chat up line in a bar

cheap electric toothbrush

check your stress factor here

cheesy instrument

chemistry action results

chick magnet

children thinking outside the box

chilling like a boss

chilling out when cooking

chocolate warning and a chocolate wish


christmas decorations

christmas eve we can stay at home

christmas fungi celebratation

christmas time is for sharing

chuck norris

chuck norris has a daughter

clean underwear

coffee helps you do stupid things faster

coffee is for quitters

comatose grandma sitter

coming out of the closet

coming to an airport near you

computer message fatal error

computer printer repair

conans advice to mubarak

confucious says

confucius says

confuscious rule on single and hot women

confused scots man at the loo

congratulations you have won

cool biker chick

cosmetic surgery the full works

cost of cosmetic surgery

could you pass this alcohol influence test

countdown to losing your teeth

courtesy of the big yin billy connolly for those not in the know

crazy american footwear

creative aussie airline advertising at its best

crocodile tears

css is awesome

cucumber marketing gaffe

cure for swine flu fever

curvy women vs bones

darling when we make love do you

david is to be returned to italy

days before christmas

dear mr president obama

dear yahoo

decisions all the time decisions

definition yorkshire twerk

definition of a slut

delete cookies

demographic forecast of europe 2015

deodrant stick instructions

dharma doggy meditation

did i offend you with my opinion

did i do that and a letter from the boss

did james bond known this

did you give permission to nsa

did you know

did you know that claustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces

did you learn from fairy tales

disturbing photos soldiers vs protestors in bangkok thailand

do crappie

do girls make you do this

do not touch

do you agree that the world is in chaos

do you believe thousands of men will die

do you do this when word spelling is forgotten

do you ever want to grab someone and

do you have a problem in your life

do you have any last words

do you know what a bucket seat is

do you know what others thnk about you

do you know why all girls are like apples

do you know why all the dinosaurs died

do you know why women will never be as successful as men

do you know your brain size

do you like my horoscope for today

do you think this guy is

do you think this voicemail message will work

does it scare you because you can pay off my debts better than your country

dog for sale or free to good home

dog inspection on parade

dont beam me up yet scotty

donald and daisys first night

donald trump wa right

double jointed

download music goto jail card

dream keyboard for a nerd

dreaming is always best

drugs and where to draw the line

ebay removes harrier jump jet

eco friendly lawnmower

eiffel tower vs 002

einstein not only but also

emotionally constipated

equality at its best

erogenous zones

essential laptop repair options

even martians get spam

every breath you take

every little bit helps

everything is going to be alright

evolution of the sexes

exceptional joke for programmers

expectations vs reality

facebook before it all started

facebook how to make money

facebook like your grandma

facebook the early years

facebook checkout

facebook comeback line

facebook could easily be more interesting

facebook for parents

facebook friend who deleted me

facebook helps the planet

facebook is killing the art of communcation

facebook just like ancient egypt

facebook panic

facebook personal problems

facebook privacy latest update

facebook status blunder

facebook status update button needed

facebook update

facebook venn diagram of news feeds and farmville

facebook warning about your ex

facebook warning messages

facebook warning to new users

facebooks new dislike button

fact google is a woman

facts of life learnt from a calendar

famous for a day

far too many have this superpower

fast lane for bikes vs fat lane

fat free for all those following a diet

fat profound logic 001

female asian aging process

female pilot

ferocious grizzly bear escape

fifty shades of grey hair

fighting talk mighty big words

first day at kindergarten

first touch screen

flow chart of a serenity prayer

flowers from a geek

football season reminder

for all girls waiting for the perfect man

for all the pussy perverts

for men only new mammagram

for people who like venn diagrams

four catholic men and a catholic woman were having coffee

free brake test

free guiness

free strips of paper

friday 13th paraskevidekatriaphobia

friendship tested to the limit

geek leak

geek logic

geek meditation session

gender for color names

genetic result

geration gap

get out of

girls about to explode out of their clothes

girls are just not like their mothers

girls are like a cd

gone doody

gone to market love pig

good intentions

good morning message greeting

google before you tweet

google cannot find him

google earth where am i

google failed again

google reveals the cause of indias population growth

google search in 2084

google solution to gambling addiction

google whoops

got cs or a ds

got pulled by a cop today

government vs indian logic on daylight saving

graffiti from a math nerd

graffitti about anarchy

grammar its best to know your shit

grandma deleted the internet

grandma says back in my time

grandmas are not right all the time

grant me serenity

great modern time philosophers

great tshirts for seniors

greener grass

guess what this company makes

guns and birth control

guns vs cheese

halloween gift to scare people

happiness is sharing

happy fall

happy fathers day

hard to argue with indian wisdom

has anyone heard this

have a happy period

have no fear of perfection

have you ever done this

have you ever had one of those days

have you ever heard this

have you ever seen a baby porcupine

have you ever typed this

have you made this mistake

have you noticed the changes since the 70s

have you noticed the new wireless technology

have you seen any spiders

have you seen this girl

have you tried this at home

have you tried this facebook new feature

have you tried this

hear no evil speak no evil

heights of revenge

help hubby

her own way

heres an interesting dilemma

hide and seek world champion

himalayan road signs

hippy happy and aging but gracefully

hope you can solve this

house trained

how fiji was united today

how many alzheimers patients doe it take

how many followers do you have

how much will it cost for

how smart is your right foot

how to be a sympathetic neighbour

how to be cruel to old guys

how to burn 800 calories in 30 minutes

how to feel awesome

how to hold on while the train is in motion in order to avoid falling

how to know youve hit the g spot

how to pickup chicks

how to print from an ipad

how to recycle a condom

how to save the airlines by tiger woods

how to solve all computer problems

how to think outside the box

how to trim your bush

html head and body tattoo

husband down in aisle one

i am getting so old that

i am not falling for that one

i am not kidding

i asked a girl to sms me

i believe in having sex on the first date

i bet you never saw

i can make your girlfriend scream louder

i dont mind work it is just the eight hours in between

i feel pretty

i got banned from ebay

i have just found out

i have not lost my mind

i know my drinking capacity

i listed the government as a dependent on my taxes

i love how the internet improves peoples

i love you more today than yesterday

i need a man moment

i once had a life

i scared postman when i was naked

i think i need an answer

i tried to drown my sorrows

i used to look up to tiger woods

i want a 19 year old escort

i want camera batteries

i want to be older

i want to burn an american book

i was going to quit all my bad habits

i wasnt made for winter

i wish to be a sex symbol

i wonder how long it will take before people stop saying

ideal for computer addicts

if it was not for cnn i would have no idea what is happening

if only shoplifter would heed this sign

if the moon landing happened today

if you are having a bad day remember it could be worse

if you can understand this

if you dont make mistakes

if you fall

if you think you are too small to make an impact

ifamily quartet iphone ipad ipod ipaid

im memory of leonard ball who hated fat people

in case of emergency

in case you ever wondered

in praise of lance armstrong

inbox in my dreams

ingenious beer holder

instant cure for baldness

internet addiction is serious business

internet guy not leaving until

internet trolls

ipad advert ipaid too much

ipad and a big mac

ipad beaten by the buttons

ipad pro

ipad vs itablet

ipad vs stone

ipad was made like this

ipads half price dont miss out

iphone put your phone away theres an app for that

iphone 4 simple fix for hand holding problem

iphone 4 magic trick

iphone 5 update

iphone accepts new challenge

iphone amazing new feature

iphone ancestors had tails and buttons

iphone and mona lisa update

iphone angry calls

iphone apologises to samsung

iphone battery problems solved

iphone breaking news items and free bumper sticker

iphone conquers google

iphone end call sticker

iphone finally gets good photos

iphone found in bars and no bars

iphone has too many features

iphone helps capture osama bin laden

iphone pinch and zoom does not work

iphone protection

iphone speaker amplifier

iphone4 losing signal solution solved

ipresents for all the ifamily

irish car rescue tragedy

irish virginity test kit

ironic pictures that are worth a thousand

irrestible to all women

irs free gift for early tax returns

is it nsfw if you work in a

is there is anyone here who knows why these two should not be wed

is there life after death

is this how life should be proportioned

is this where they went wrong

is this why you are single

is this why you use paypal

is this your life repent now

it happened on mars

it is better to have loved and lost

it is not always necessary to kill a mosquito

it looks like you are installing windows

it was not the end of the world

its the conga

its always the kids that suffer

its only a bike

jane and arlene

jesus works in mysterious ways

job frustration support group

jobs worth on shoreditch high street uk

john lennon profound logic 001

joke or a postal scam

judgement day is here so

just call me mr iron man

just fixed my computer and now

just for the sql nerds

just found a new key to happiness

just found out that

just got to be irish

just look at this big butt

just passing through

just puns

just read this in the bible

just released after a nine month sentence

just walking the dogs

just what moms are made for

just who thought of this street name

kama sutra for the 21st century

karaoke guess the words

koala lizard an australian tale

last night i was

last will and testament

latest computer icons are gender specific

latest disabled parking notice

latest eye test wall chart

latest innovation 3 d printer

latest statistics on airport screening

latest theory of dinosaur creation

latest update on story of the three little pigs

latest update on gun law

latest update on religion

latest warning on growing up

levels of stress

lies damn lies and statistics

life as you may not know it

life is a bitch

life is a short meaningless journey filled with emptiness and pain

life is like a hot bath

life is short so play naked

light at the end of the tunnel

linda lykes

literally a piggy back

literally dogs poo

literally in arabic

little johnny knows about flying moths

little johnny wants to devour the unborn

little johnnys essay

little johnnys new alphabet

little johnny just like a boss

living in harmony

login stuff

look at the hooters on this

look at what ive got in my pocket

lord of the rings

lost airline luggage

lost dog seeks owner

lost my virginity to a girl

love is supporting each other

love will tear us apart again

mad cow disease theory

main reason why i have a double chin

makes perfect sense

male dominated culture

mammogram test preparation exercises

man of the house

mans best friend

marijuana and gay marriage

marriage or fish license

marriage before during and after

maybe a flaw in the white minority attitude

maybe if guns kill people then

maybe the best reason to apologise

maybe this is next on grandmas list after sudoku

maybe this will get the message across

maybe this will make you save energy

mcdonalds evolution

meaning of life explained

medical research has confirmed

meet the computer twins cut paste

melbourne international airport control tower

men also have feelings

men should never forget to think

men vs women ver 004

mens abs enhancer

miss world burga parade

missed opportunity men vs women

mission accomplished

modern day changes to life and channels

mom what does idk ly and ttyl mean

mom can i

mona lisa after one week in usa

monday morning coffee

monkey business explained

montana state trooper on patrol

moon vs bathroom

mu girlfriend just read fifty shades of grey

much to their surprise the virgins awaiting muslims in heaven were not what they expected

mums favourite at feeding time

mute tourettes syndrome

my birthday present from hubby

my birthday present surprise

my dog is now on state welfare

my ex wife just got her private pilots licence

my first condom

my generation

my guess is shes married

my lucky day

my mission is to make somebody smile everyday

my mums a superhero

my name is dave

my neighbor from across the street

my new years wish

my resimay

my shrink reckon it all started when i was

name three types of rock

nasa mars and curiosity

never ever get your shit mixed up

never lose a small young relative

never too old for lego

never trust an atom

new clothes

new drugs are now facebook youtube and stumbleupon

new eye test

new postit note

new queen song album cover

new warning when opening a web page

new york before during and after

next time you sit next to a stranger

ninth date with girlfriend

no crack

no i cannot come to bed yet

no jumping the queue

no matter how old you are

no more emails from me

no more excuses

no regrest for burning my bridges

no senior discounts

no smoking in this area unless

no work today

norwegian icebreaker heads up the mississippi river


not only are all men equal

not only have you got mail

not sponge bob

nothing really matress

now i know how to make love

now i know why they shaped guitars

number one wifi alternative

obama online privacy

obama and latest news on gun control

obama salute

obama t shirt

oh how i wished this was possible

oh my buddha i want happiness

ohms law explained

old postcards

olympic swimmer

omg i totally forgot it was fathers day

on the plus side

once seen never forgotten

one for all programmers

only happens once in a lifetime

only in africa

only in texas valentines day

open the door and let me in

optical illusion

optimist pessimistm realist and an opportunist

oxymorons galore

paddy takes the irish math test

parking for frogs vs toads

parrot chute

party time

password already taken try again

password incorrect ver 002

password solved by emma and mildred

paulines knickers

perhaps your only chance

pessimist or optimist

pete aw is that you

petrol substitute

pie chart 101

pie chart 102

pilots fatherly advice to his son

piracy is environmentally friendly

piracy is not theft

playing with yourself in hospital

please ban fox hunting in colorado

please forward this to 10 friends and

police find hidden crack

ponderism asteroids and dinosaurs

ponderism heart vs brain

ponderism is someone thinking of you

ponderism jack nicholson classic

ponderism lovers names carved on trees

ponderism reasons to be thankful

ponderism the best blessed people

ponderism working hard

ponderism 115

ponderism 116

pool with no pee

poor silly bunny rabbit

pork scratching

position is everything

power of the badge

printing we are the champions

procrastinators unite

profound logic einsteing 001

profound logic rowan atkinson

profound logic rowan atkinson 002

profound logic 012 if you think you are too small

prostate dre

proud to have lost so much weight

question what is a bd exactly

quick the fan fell on our baby

quotations about age aging growing older old age

quote from john cleese

quranic version of adam and eve

real political transparency

real space invaders

reason why i am so hot

reasons to be charitable

recognise any of these office dogs

redneck airbag

register software

remarkable coincidences

remember those school field trips and farm sounds

remus the horse thief

resistance is futile

respect your parents because they did not have

revenge of the finger

rock beats paper but nothing beats

ruled you out

run and jump to make this timed photo

santas sexual harassment trial

santas email from a sweet little girl

say no to cadburys merging with nestle

scary pussy

science of living things

scientists forgot to mention

scottish bar stool

seven daily job moods

sex and porn

sex or drugs

sexual harrassment will not be reported

shes real and its her birthday

shop sign puns

should you forward this joke

sign posted at a golf club in scotland uk

signs of our times

simon says

simple solution to sleeping in

simplified management flow chart

smart copywriter

smoke pot vs drinking

smokings rights

snow plough walker

snowman and the proctologist

so who does superman punch

social media simplified

solve it to know it

solved christmas present for all

solved iphone dropped in water

solved obama check cashing problem

solved the end of the world

solved why the grass is greener

solved ipad printing for dummies

some important things to remember

sometimes i just do not understand my wife

space travel and crop circles

special thought for thanksgiving weekend

steve jobs iquit my job at apple

steve jobs arrives in heaven

steve jobs upgrades tablets

stop building these websites

stop scratching

stopped by the police while driving home


stung by a bee while playing golf

suicide bomb on the beach

summer is near

sunday morning sex

swollen joints

t shirt 4 kids

take a number

taking good care of mother

technical support for grandma

technical support number one question

technical support online help

telephone message from hubby

ten rules to live by

terrorist set free and given 50 and a free car

tesco burger update

test to see which one is the blonde

thai style blue screen of death

thank god your are a man

thank you dewalt

thanksgiving turkey glad to see me

that awkward moment

that was not my wish

the 8 monkeys

the 90 year old sexpert guru

the american dollar bill

the best engine design

the best joke ever

the best of british humour

the best use for qr codes

the brain is a wonderful organ

the circle of life

the cutest ass you will ever see

the difference between graduates

the disappointed salesman retruns from the middle east

the doctors waiting room

the donkey that fell down the well

the dumbest thing i have ever done

the experts analysis

the female brain cell

the female brain cells

the fifteen dollar porche

the fight for cancer

the financial crisis on the street

the four ps of marketing

the guy on the left looks very scary

the human body has 206 bones

the i in teamwork

the ideal orthopaedic bed for men

the illegal pot farm groaner

the joys of auto correct

the last argument

the life science examination

the man in charge

the meaning of life is not 42 update

the missing link

the moral of the story

the most expensive vehicle per mile

the new royal baby

the patch

the pill is maybe the best thing to stop getting women pregnant

the real reason why american beer is served cold

the reason for failure

the reason why girls go to the toilet together

the reason why it is ok for monks to use email

the rules of chocolate

the shortest horror story

the sign in the mens room

the six worst four letter words

the story of adam and eves pets

the swinging sixtiess

the tenth key to success

the ultimate beer goggles

the veterinarian

the window cleaner

the woodpecker might have to go

the world will end

the worlds most accurate pie chart

there is a lie in believe

there is always a solution

there will be pain

they even knew in the good old days

think out of the box

this cannot be true

this day is coming soon and will be epic

this is mythical and deep

this is no joke

this page cannot be displayed

this post is far too good not to like

this takes some believing

three hard to find valentine cards

three men only rules for aging

three nuns at the rugby match

three wise monkeys for sale in the pet shop

tiagra for when 18 holes in not enough

time spent on website creation

time to stop shopping

tinkle tinkle tinkle

to hell with keeping up with the joneses

to most christians the bible is like

today i learnt the upload speed of sperm

today i saved three dollars

todays inspirational lesson

toilet closed warning

toilet sign men vs women

tommy cooper i hit your dog

tommy cooper witticisms

tomorrows monday

tonight there will be two feet of snow

too bad that bitching does not make you

too early for free taco bells

too late for mothers day

too little sleep

too much stumbling

tooth repossession man

trouble with women solved

trout fishing

trust me a guy said

truth behind whipped cream

try this to get you home

twenty best positions in bed

twenty dollars says i can get more posts than you

two joints

two keys to happiness

two old bats

two questions from a pub quiz and some short jokes

two saints season tickets for sale

ufo ray doubles the size of

ufo sightings

uk credit crisis worsens

uks magic wellness stick

understanding british logic

update on aunties surgery

update on tarzan and jane

updated pool rule notice board

upgrade iphone to ipad for free

urgent beer warning

urgent message to captain kirk

usefulness of fingers in traffic

valentine from an engineer

van logo puns

venn diagram 101

venn diagram of bruce willis sixth sense

vijayakanths dialogues in english

walk on water

war on drugs terrorism money and jobs

watch the man on the left and not the girl

weight watchers lament

welcome home

were you a cool dude in high school

wet tshirt contest

what a load

what are you on the internet

what are you writing

what every man wants from a woman

what happens when you get really high

what if the air is actually poisonous

what is more important

what is natures best thermometer

what is the shadow

what is your favorite soap opera

what to do when your dog does a poo

what you lose when you read youtube comments

what you must do after getting married

whatever happened to sex drugs and rock and roll

when a woman says i love you beware

when did this become hotter

when english is your second language

when i die i want the best

when i grow up

when it is ok to spank a child

when work feels overwhelming

where do you keep your chloroform

where does the time go

where is my ex

which one of these would prick your conscience

which two services do you want

whips and chains

who enjoys sex more a man or a woman

who needs big tits

who packs your parachute

who sneaked the s into fast food

why arent i a real skinny cow

why australia is still on my most wanted as a place to visit

why british newspapers are more fun to read

why cant computers be honest

why didnt giraffes evolve like this

why girls are good at hockey

why girls cannot win

why god sends rain to mexico but not the middle east

why good nen are hard to find

why i failed my 5th grade english examination

why i love to wave at strangers

why i will never have a girlfriend

why is it that men are all the same

why kids are expensive

why meditation is better

why spelling makes a big difference

win argument by agreeing

windows close

wine for seniors

wisdom from a great thinker willie nelson

wisdom from a man on the moon

wisdom from children

wishing kevin lives forever

woman ready in five minutes

women vs men choosing shampoo

womens flawless logic

wonder cream

world will end pessimist vs optimist

worrying works

would you be a concerned parent

would you go back to bed

ya cant fix stupid

yes i have paid my tax

yes we are the champions

yogi bear at the city dump

you cant fool me

you have 3 unread messages

you learn something new everyday

you see that

you stupid bastard jesse you cheated on sandra bullock

you want me to do what

you will hate me for this

you will only do this once

your most memorable security question

your read my doormat that is enough social interaction for today

zen cat

zombies eat brains

Build your own satellite and have it launched into Space.

AmbaSat-1 is a tiny Space satellite kit that you launch yourself

The idea is to die young as late as possible

Don't worry about old age, it doesn't last that long.

Every now and then I throw in one of those typos to see who's paying attention :-)

Give me the grace to see a joke, to get some humor out of life and smiling it on to other folk.

Have a great Day and Laugh, "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many".

We try to bust a gut with our funny, Yo Mama, Redneck, lawyer, animal, relationship and crap jokes.

You only live once!   So make sure you spend 15 hours on the internet everyday, seeking validation from strangers.

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