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Strange Cornwall Witch And The Hamster Story


A friend was stationed in Cornwall and swears this story was true. I doubt - how about you?

He lived in a small Cornish village next to a witch who still practised the old religion. His young son was devastated when his pet Hamster died. The boy had had the hamster for over a year, which is strange in its-self but read on.

My Pal decided to bury the Hamster in his garden with full honours and duly dug a hole. In the middle of the act of placing the box in the grave, the old Witch leaned over the fence and said ‘What be ee doin boys?’.

The young lad, tearfully explained he was burying his hamster.

The kindly White Witch said” Yoom don’t want to that boys, give it here and I’ll make ee a nice bottle of jam’.

Against his father’s protests the young lad snatched the shoe box and handed it to the witch.

About a week later the witch called the boy and handed him a bottle of green jam saying ‘ere you be boy your amster jam

At home the father said "Theres no way we are eating that so went and buried it in the garden".

Now here is the very strange part because next Spring at ther very place he buried the jam, a fantasyic variety of Spring flowers grew; first up were snowdrops then loads of huge Daffs and every type of spring flower –except Tulips.

Don’t you find that strange because you would expect to get tulips from ansterjam?

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