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The Engineers And The Accountants Go To A London Meeting


Group of people from a company in England have to go to London for a meeting. Four from the accounts department and four from engineering.

They all arrive at the train station and the accountants all queue up at the ticket
booth and buy their tickets.

Only one engineer joins them and buys his ticket. The rest don't bother.

This arouses conversation and some curiosity on the accountants' part. When they get on the train all the accountants take their seats and all the engineers pile into the
toilet at the end of the carriage.

Shortly afterwards a ticket inspector comes through checking everybody's ticket. When he comes o the "occupied" toilet he raps on the door and says "ticket please". The engineers slide their one ticket under the door, the inspector clips it and and slides it back.

The accountants were impressed with this. On the return journey one of the accountants
bought a ticket. They were a bit puzzled by the fact that none of the engineers bought a ticket.

They all got on the train , the accountants all piled into the nearest toilet and the engineers strolled down to the next carriage where three of the squeezed into the toilet while the fourth waited.

A few minutes after the train started moving this engineer walked down to the toilet in the other carriage , rapped on the door and said "ticket please".

When it slid out under the door he went to rejoin his colleagues in the other toilet.

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