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The Golfer And The Leprechaun


A man had just finished a putt and reached in the hole to get his ball, but pulled out a leprechaun!

"Sure, and ye have me," cried the leprechaun, and if ye let me go, for yer tribble, I'll give ye three wishes!"

"Thank you," said the man. "I don't really need anything, so I'll pass on the wishes." He let the leprechaun go, and went off to finish his game.

The leprechaun was dumbfounded. Who had ever heard of such a thing? He sat on a pebble and thought to himself "Such a man as that deserves three wishes!" I'll give 'em to 'im in spite of 'imself! Now what!!! Why money,of course! Everyone wants money. So, for his first wish he wants to be a Millionaire! And second-let's make him a great golfer! And last-ah! Let him have a wonderful sex life.

A month went by and the leprechaun spotted the man playing on the course again. He jumped out of a hole and yelled up to the man: "How ye be doing?"

The man smiled and said: "Hello, little friend. I be doing just fine."

The leprechaun smiled back and said: "And how's yer money situation, if ye don't mind my askin'?"

"It's funny you should ask," replied the man.

"An uncle of mine passed away and left me a fortune!"

"Hah! Is that so? And how's ya golf game now?"

"It's an amazing thing," said the man. "For the past few weeks I can't do worse than two under par!"

"Sure, and that's wonderful!" With a sly look, the leprechaun asked: "And how's yer sex life?"

The man, obviously embarrassed, looked away and coughed, "Well, it's fine. Two or three times a month. "The leprechaun was aghast.

"Two or three times a month? That's horrible!" The man looked up and said, "Actually, it's not bad for a priest in a small parish."

Quotes for Today:

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AmbaSat-1 is a tiny Space satellite kit that you launch yourself

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Don't worry about old age, it doesn't last that long.

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