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The Poor Wood Cutter Went Chopping Wood By The River One Day.


A poor wood cutter went chopping wood by the river one day. Unfortunately he slips and his axe fell into the river. The poor man start crying and that is when God appears from the river and ask. "Why are u crying?". The poor man explain what happen and continue to say because he is is too poor to get another axe and have got his wife to feed he dont know what to do! So God then reaches into the river and lifted a silver axe and ask, "Is this your axe?" The man answered no. Then God reaches in again and came up with a Golden axe and ask, "Is this your axe?" The man says no. Well God finally lifted the poor man's axe out of the river and was so pleased with his honesty, God gave him all three axe.

Then one day while the poor woodcutter was walking by the river with his wife, his wife slips and fell into the river. So he starts crying and moaning again. Well, God appears again and ask him why he was crying? He told God what happen and then God reaches into the river and pull out J-Lo. "Is this your wife ?", ask God. The man said yes! God was furious and upon seeing God's reaction the man calmed him down and ask for a chance to explain himself. Well God says "I am listening, and this better be good!"

The man started, "Please forgive me my Lord, if I were to say no to J-Lo, you would reach down and came up with Jessica Alba. And if I say no to Jessica Alba, you will reach down and came up with my wife. And if I say yes then , you will gave all three of them to me!". "I am a poor man my Lord and cannot afford to care for three wives!"

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