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Thermos Flask


Paddy is working on a building site and hears the lunchtime he goes to the portacabin and takes a seat, unwraps his sandwiches and fills his empty belly.

An English fella sits down next to him and produces a Thermos Flask from his bag, and proceeds to pour himself a piping hot cup of coffee.
Paddy looks on in amazement and remarks ''What de bleedin hel_l is dat thing''?!

The English fella turns to him and says ''Its a Thermos Flask, Paddy''

''Well what the hel_l does dat do then''? asks Paddy

''It keeps things hot, and it keeps things cold'' responds the English fella.

''Well dat is amazin' - when i get off work today I'm gonna get meself a T'ermos Flask straight away''

The next day, the lunchtime bell goes, and the English fella is already seated in the portacabin eating his lunch. In walks Paddy, beaming from ear to ear, clutching a bright shiny new flask under his arm.

The English fella remarks ''Oh, so you got one then''?

''I fokin did''!! says Paddy

Another builder turns to Paddy and asks ''Whats that you got there then''?

''T'ermos Flask'' is Paddy's response

''Oh, right, so what does that do then''? enquires the builder

''It keeps things hot and it keeps things cold'' says Paddy

''So what you got in there''? asks the builder

Paddy replies: ''2 cups of tea and an ice lolly''

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