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Top 10 Signs That A Computer Is Owned By A Harley Rider:


  1. The monitor & CPU have been repainted orange and black.

  2.   System sound effects now play a Harley kicking over when a program starts.

  3.   There's an oil stain on the floor just below the computer.

  4.   Number key pad only goes up to two.

  5.   Password is "WillieG".

  6.   The mouse is referred to as "the Rat".

  7.   There is a Skoal can mounted in the CD-ROM drive.

  8.   Expansion slots have Genuine Harley-Davidson bike parts installed in them.

  9.   The keyboard is mounted at the level of the user's chin and his seat tilts backward -- ape-hanger keyboard!

    And the Number 1 sign that a computer is owned by a Harley rider:

  10.   A half-naked, big-breasted "Warrior Princess" and her tiger have been airbrushed onto the sides of the monitor!

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