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Why We All Love Walter The Chemist


18 reasons why we love and want to date Walter the (Breaking Bad) Chemist :)

  1. They may name a molecule after him.

  2. He has all the solutions.

  3. He has all the right elements.

  4. He is constantly learning and improving his technique.

  5. He is used to pulling all nighters.

  6. He has significant figures.

  7. He is used to exchanging fluids.

  8. He knows how to handle hot items.

  9. He does it periodically on the table.

  10. He he'll give and take until he finds equilibrium.

  11. He always wears protection.

  12. He has no problems resorting to gadgets and gizmos to get the job done.

  13. He knows how to speed up or slow down the reaction before it comes to completion.

  14. It's a mystery what we wears under his lab coat.

  15. He likes to experiment.

  16. He has Chemistry!

  17. "Just a little bit more, slower, slower, almost there, yes, yes, YES!!!!"
    (if we get THAT excited about titration, just imagine the possibilities!)

  18. And most importantly than anything else...

    He has drugs!

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