John' Top Three Jokes of the Day Breast Cancer Awareness Month See how 3 guys raise $2,080

Calendar: Joke of the Day

Inspired by Derek Allard
April 2014
  1What Causes Arthritis?2Golf Questions3You Try your Best But....4Harley Davidson5The Eternal Optimist
6Aussie Logic7Funny Motor Insurance Claims8Elephant Joke9Bank Robber10Devolution of British Maths…11Computer Users12New Bumper Stickers
13The Golden Telephone14Harry the Eagle15The Sea Burial of Uncle Seamus16The Courting Couple17Quick Thinking - Definitely18Same Doc?19Joke of the day
20Time to put a Cork in It21How to Turn your Man On.....22Another Speeding Motorist Is…23Culling the Coyotes25 26 
27 28 29 30    
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